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Video Production

Memorable Video Creations

I am dedicated to making memories last, and I have created videos for my clients since 2001.  I offer a full range of video production services and specialize in family occasions, corporate events, conferences, music and theatre performances, promotional videos, weddings, and a lot more.

I approach each video project as an artist would approach a white canvas.  I use my creativity skills and artistic eye to make each video a masterpiece.  I guarantee you will enjoy the video I will film and edit for you, and you will see for yourself why my clients continue to work with me time and time again.  Please give me a call, and we can discus the vision you have for the video you want to make.

Prominent Video Services

Waido Productions | Denver Video Production | Fort Collins Video Production | Concerts | Theatre | Sports | Events | Conferences | Special Occasions


Admission: 1 Great Video
I capture the essence of theatre performances, concerts, conferences, and corporate events. I have the power and imagination to take enhance your event by shooting with multiple cameras and crew members.
Waido Productions | Denver Video Production | Fort Collins Video Production | Family Gatherings | Documentaries | Training Videos | Commercials


Share You!
Video is a great way to share who you are. Commercials can be made to reach your target audience for television or on the wed.
Waido Productions | Waido Photography | Denver Wedding Videographer | Denver Wedding Photographer | Fort Collins Wedding Videographer | Fort Collins Wedding Photographer | Cinematography | Wedding Video | Wedding Photographer | Wedding Videographer


Enduring Wedding Memories
From sun kissed beaches, soft windblown fields, and mountain top vistas, I have traveled across the United States to capture my wedding clients' most joyous occasion. I will honor you by caring for your wedding day as if it were my own. You will enjoy the memories I will capture on your wedding day and cherish them for a lifetime.

Additional Video Production Services

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Outstanding works of art.

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Emphasis on Quality

I have invested in advanced technologies to capture the best in sight and sound.  There is no comparison when your video is shot with the leading brands in video and audio production.  I have the education, training, experience and dedication to complete your video project at the highest standards. The following are some of the tools I use to complete my work.


Sony HDR-AX2000
Canon G30
Nikon D600
Nikon D7100
Sennheiser Microphones

Post Production

Mac Pro
Adobe Creative Cloud Software
Apple Final Cut Studio Software