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Tommy Joe Waido

Thomas Joseph Waido

I was born in the fall of 1981, at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. My nickname was Tommy during my younger years and through middle school. I became known as Tom in high school and college, but now enjoy being called Tommy again. I was a resident of Fort Collins until I met my lovely wife, Jacky, and moved to Denver, Colorado, in the summer of 2013. I continue to offer video production and photography services in Denver, Fort Collins, throughout Colorado, and across the Nation.


My father, Ken Waido, was Chief City Planner in Fort Collins for 37-years and retired in 2013. He enjoys the freedom to travel, visiting family and friends, and hauling his new camper trailer with his new truck he purchased for his retirement. My mother, Colleen, joined Ken in his retirement after 24-years as a teacher in 2013. She was a recipient of the Teacher in Excellence Award in 2005, and enjoys her retirement by seeing her grandchildren and traveling with Ken. I have three siblings, David, Anna, and Michael. David, the oldest, is the Manager of Reliably Services in Wahoo, NE. He lives with his wife, Chrissy, two sons, Thomas and Andrew, and daughter, Audrey, in Weston, NE. Anna, the only sister of the bunch, earned her Doctorate of Philosophy from Colorado State University (CSU) in Leadership in Education in 2013, while she was teaching, nonetheless. She plans to continue to teach, but hopes to become a principal in the future. Michael is also a teacher and local musician in Fort Collins, CO. He writes his own music and performs around the state of Colorado. As you might have guessed, I am the baby in the family.


I graduated from Rocky Mountain High School (RMHS) in 2000 and graduated from CSU in 2005. I attended CSU for five years where I studied Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Technical Journalism and Communication. My classes prepared me to use 21st Century Technology in the video production and photography fields. I have the skills and knowledge to work in a variety of environments and in demanding situations. I graduated from CSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Technical Communication and a minor in Mathematics.

In the fall of 2012, I returned to the classroom and I am seeking a math education teaching license. I hope to teach math during the school year, and offer my photography and video production services during the summer.

Track & Field

During my five years at CSU, I ran for the Track and Field team. I participated in the 60-meter High Hurdles, 110-meter High Hurdles, 400-meter Dash, 400-meter Intermediate Hurdles and was a leg of the 1600 meter Relay Team. I chose to go to CSU to be closer to my family who supported and enjoyed watching me run. My parents only missed three track meets that were too far to attend during my time at CSU. In my ten-year career as a hurdler, I set hurdle records at Webber Junior High, RMHS, and CSU. As a sophomore in College, I received the Doug Max Award for “Instilling Team Sprit with Caring, Friendship, and Devotion to the Program, Beyond Expectations”.

After graduating from college I began coaching high school track and field in the hurdles in 2006. I learned training, hurdle technique and philosophies while I ran in college and now share my experience with high school athletes preparing them for scholarship opportunities. My first two years of coaching were spent at my alumni school, RMHS, and when coaching changes needed to be made and I moved across town to my rival school, Fort Collins High School (FCHS), in 2008. I coached at FCHS for six years coaching the hurdles and pole vault until I moved to Denver in 2013. I was part of two state championship teams: RMHS Girls Track and Field in 2006 and FCHS Boys Track and Field in 2012.


I participate with my family and friends in church league softball, flag-football and basketball. During the summer, I enjoy boating up at Horsetooth Reservoir while jumping waves on my wakeboard, slalom skiing, or relaxing in the cove. I love Colorado and explore its endless beauty hiking, camping, mountain biking and road biking. In the winter, I take advantage of skiing up at Copper Mountain, Steamboat or Winter Park.


My hobbies include wood working, metal manufacturing, and believe it or not, sewing. The tough part of me owns the power tools and the tougher part of me owns the sewing machine. It takes a real man to say that he owns a sewing machine. These hobbies began in high school, but I always had a knack for building, making, and fixing things.

Waido Productions | Waido Photography

I have been producing videos for years, and began making home movies as a kid with my brothers, David and Michael, cousin, Patrick, and neighborhood friends. These videos were not worthy of an Academy Award, but Steven Spielberg didn’t start his filming career as an adult either.

I started Waido Productions when I decided to take his hobby and share it with others in 2002. My first production was a wedding video I shot for a friend that was at the same location “The Horse Whisperer” was filmed, outside of Bozeman, Montana. I began my photography journey, Waido Photography, in 2006, when clients demanded my photography skills. I am an enthusiastic person bringing a creative look to the art of video and photos. I am passionate in what I do and love to make people smile. My creativity expands a gamut of areas: weddings, team sports, senior photos, family photos and gatherings, documentaries, historic interviews, promotional videos, photo montages, commercials, corporate videos, and more. Take a look at my work and find out how fascinating it can be.

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Why Choose Me?

I am well trained in the art of video production and photography.  My education has helped prepare me to take on the most challenging and demanding situations.  My life long love for video and photography has led me to create a business and share my passion with others.  My experience has given me the creative edge to offer some of the best in sight and sound.  I offer quality and friendly service shown through the lens!


1996 - 2000: Rocky Mountain High School

2000 - 2005: Colorado State University: Journalism

2012 - present: CSU: Math Education


2002 - present: Waido Productions

2006 - present: Waido Photography

I have gained a lot of experience and understanding through my line of work. I understand the art of video is more than pointing the camera and pushing record.

Pet Peeves

• Videos recorded on mobile devices vertically.
• Being called a Videographer.

My Team